At Great Place, we know that getting started on local community issues can often seem quite challenging. Communities usually know what their burning issues are but are not always clear as to what (if anything) can be done. In fact, too often communities end up waiting for someone else like government or industry to do something about those issues. Now is the time to ensure that local people have an actual say about what is going on in their communities. With opportunities for community-led change, innovation and enterprise, Great Place provides a clear path through which your community can stand up and say “we own the future”.

Taking Action

Develop a clear understanding of the Great Place whole of community strategy as well as the Resilient Futures Framework.

Explore what a Great Place program could look like in your community.

Create a shared understanding of priorities that your community should focus on.

Get introduced to the Great Place approach running a Great Place Introduction. Generate the basis for a proposition that your community could have to catalyse action - either through  Primer or a more in depth Community Lab.

Getting Started

Get in touch with Great Place so we can discuss the best way for you and your community to initiate a Great Place strategy.

Host a Great Place Community Lab one-day workshop through which your community can start a conversation about strategy.

Develop a shared view of key issues enabling groups and individuals to align around a common understanding of key strategic priorities.

Embark on a customised community program which will assist with embedding the Great Place principles and framework in the day-to-day activities of your community.

Welcome to Great Place, we look forward to meeting you and getting passionate about your ideas.

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