Me as a Catalyst is simply an invitation to join a network of like-minded people – all of whom are trying to do something about an issue or an opportunity that they see in their community. Getting involved with Great Place really is as easy as being clear about what you think is possible in your community and then connecting with others who feel the same way. In fact, through Great Place you will find that many of those you connect with won’t be in your local community at all but instead are part of the much larger Great Place network – scattered across Australia and beyond. In every case however, the people that you connect with through Great Place are all here for the same reason – to do something at a local level to help their community take responsibility for what comes next and truly own the future.

Taking Action

Develop a clear view of what you think is possible for your community.

Learn how to take a strategic and systemic view of the issues that are impacting you and your community.

Connect with other people who are thinking about similar issues and doing something about them.

Go out in your community and do something about the issues which are most important to you.

Getting Started

Learn all you can from the rest of this website. First by watching the video Communities Owning their Future on our Home page, and then by digging more deeply into some of the thinking that supports every Great Place initiative.

Connect with us more directly by signing up for the Great Place newsletter and keep abreast of all of the things that people are doing in their communities.

Join us on a regular webcast. Each webcast will connect you with one of our expert practitioners who will walk you through a case-study based on an existing Great Place initiative.

Check out some of our other pathways and see which is best suited to you taking things to the next level.

Welcome to Great Place, we look forward to meeting you and getting passionate about your ideas.

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