At Great Place we realise that Government at all levels is a foundational pillar in generating strong communities. We also know that getting communities positively engaged and working collaboratively can be challenging. The Great Place strategy framework will assist you in getting communities to enthusiastically work in collaboration with you. To have communities answer the question “If not this, then what?

Taking Action

Learn a new way of looking at communities as generators of strategy and positive ideas.

Get in touch, in tune and in step with what is really going on at the local level.

Embrace up-to-date thinking and strategy for building strong communities.

Use the Great Place network to connect with business, other levels of government, NGOs and community members.

Getting Started

Contact Great Place and we will run a introduction session explaining how Great Place works.

Run a half day Primer or a one day Governing With Community Lab to identify initial strategy areas to grow, connect and engage with communities.

Develop a deep understanding of the conditions impacting your area of responsibility and the community it works with.

Use that understanding to develop a customised strategy in action to develop new capabilities and future plans and programs.

Welcome to Great Place, we look forward to meeting you and getting passionate about your ideas.

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