Getting involved in Great Place is easy. If you or a group within your community wants to get a local Great Place initiative up and running then there are a number of easy starting points or pathways. Each pathway is tailored to meet you where you are and then allow you to grow as you go. In nearly every case, a pathway can be customised to suit your specific needs – all you need to do is ask. With Great Place, no matter where you start and how many people are involved, there is always more to learn, new things to do and room to grow.

 Once you are connected to Great Place you will have lots ways to join in a variety of learning opportunities including videos, readings, discussion groups, webinars and even more formal, face-to-face training sessions. Each learning opportunity will take you on a journey which shows you how easy it is to move from idea into action – action that really will make a difference both to you and your community. More importantly, in many of those opportunities you will have the chance to connect with other people who are on a pathway similar to your own.

Once you're connected, what you do is largely up to you, but if your next step is going to be about getting a Great Place program happening in your community, then check out our pathways and see which is best suited to helping you taking things to the next level.

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