In many cases the most effective local Great Place programs are supported by a local coach. Great Place coaches are experienced practitioners who have taken their a deep understanding of the Great Place approach to the next level and are ready to lead others on the pathway to generating Great Places. Our coaches are a great community of committed individuals who support and learn from each other. Every Great Place coach starts off by getting involved with a Great Place program so if you are passionate about the future of your community and of communities in general then contact us to find a program that you can get involved in.

Taking Action

Develop a whole-systems understanding of community, business, government and the not-for-profit sector.

Learn to “read” and interpret conditions both in their immediate and emergent forms.

Become proficient in the Great Place approach and work with others to build capability for community opportunity and change.

Connect with a global network of experience professionals who are committed to the Great Place approach to strategy and action.

Getting Started

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to connect with one of our team who can support you in your journey to becoming a Great Place coach.

Join or start a local Great Place initiative so you can learn by doing.

Attend our regular webinars so you can deepen your understanding of the Great Place approach to strategy while connecting with some of our most experienced practitioners.

Share your thinking and experiences with the broader Great Place coaches’ community to help us ensure that we are all learning together.

Welcome to Great Place, we look forward to meeting you and getting passionate about your ideas.

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