At Great Place we know that community-based organisations are filled with people who are committed to their cause and passionate about building strong communities. We also know that more and more community organisations are doing it tough. Competition for attention and funding is fierce in an environment in which not-for-profits are increasingly expected to fill ever widening gaps not addressed by government. A real challenge for community organisations lies in figuring out how to ensure your cause is heard amongst all of the other worthy causes out there. Great Place will assist you in pursuing a smartly tuned strategy specific to ensuring that your message is heard and that you survive and thrive in your local community and beyond.

Taking Action

See your cause as part of an overall whole system working together with other causes to shape the future of your community.

Raise awareness about your cause and bring what needs to happen next into the mainstream.

Embrace up-to-date thinking and strategy for building strong, effective and resilient community organisations.

Ensure that your cause and your organisation is integrated into a whole-of-community strategy for the future

Getting Started

Contact Great Place and we’ll run an introduction session showing you how Great Place works and has worked for organisations similar to yours.

Run a half day Primer or a one day Cause With Community Lab to identify initial strategy areas to grow, connect and engage with community.

Develop a deep understanding of the conditions impacting your organisation, its cause and the communities with which you are working.

Use that understanding to develop a customised ongoing strategy in action to develop new capabilities and future plans and programs.

Welcome to Great Place, we look forward to meeting you and getting passionate about your ideas.

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