Great Place is an initiative of number of individuals and organisations that are committed to generating healthier, stronger, more resilient, strategic and responsive communities and organisations. Chief among these are Resilient Futures, a global network of strategic leaders, thinkers and doers who are committed to the application of the Resilient Futures Framework inside organisations and communities to generate real value and opportunity within the complex and rapidly changing global environment. Resilient Futures has been working with communities and organisations to develop meaningful local strategy for the past decade. For more information about Resilient Futures please visit

Great Place benefits from the past work of Resilient Futures in both the USA and Australia where programs have run under the Resilient Communities banner. Great Place Victoria is the first state-wide program and it is intended that it will organically grow to other states and territories within Australia under the banner of Great Place Australia.

In formulating the Great Place initiative, Resilient Futures has developed a Great Place operating team and advisory group consisting of a number of people expert in the application of new thinking and strategy within a variety of professions, disciplines and sectors involved in community, government and business.

Operating Team

Larry Quick, Great Place Australia – Director Strategy

larry-quickLarry is a corporate and civic strategist working with both business and community, and the integration of both. His clients include IBM, GM, Telstra, the City of Stamford CT, and a variety of agencies and communities in Australia and the USA. He is also the Global Practice Leader for Resilient Futures and convener of Resilient Futures Conditions Watch on LinkedIn.

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Andrew Hynson, Great Place Australia – Director Network

andrew-hynsonAndrew is a strategy and program consultant with deep experience in both developing strategy and delivering highly complex, challenging projects using analytically backed innovative approaches.

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Dave Platt, Great Place Australia – Director Program

Dave is a senior practitioner and coach within the Resilient Futures network. He has over 15 years experience in community and organisational development. Dave’s particular expertise lies in shaping engagement, learning, leadership and strategy and that enables organisations and communities to create real, sustainable value in the face of complex change.

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