At Great Place we know from experience that it’s possible for communities and organisations to work together to develop meaningful local strategies. Strategies that generate real value and opportunity within the complex and rapidly changing local and global environments.

Coming Together: Assisting community leaders, groups and interested citizens to come together to form a local Great Place community program.

Working with existing groups: Engaging with community initiatives that are already in place and bringing community groups together as a group of groups to work on a whole community strategy.

Training in Thinking: Training the community in a strategy framework designed to work with complex change and generate whole place development and opportunity.

Local Coaches: Training local coaches to develop local skills to use the strategy framework and assist the community to manage and maintain their program and enhance local strategic thinking and due process.

Understanding Conditions: Working with communities to understand the complex conditions that are impacting them, and to identify how such conditions are or may play out at a local level – especially how opportunity and sustainable community wealth can be built and maintained within the complex change being experienced.

Identifying Risks and Opportunities: Assisting communities to identify risks and to leverage conditions to generate community opportunity.

Local Collaboration: Raising the level of local collaboration by ensuring that all aspects of community are able to participate should they wish.

Connecting Local Communities: Networking all Great Place communities together in Victoria to share capabilities and experience and to reduce duplication of effort and resources.

Connecting Like Minds: Leveraging the strength of a state-wide Great Place Victoria networked strategy to generate a resilient future for individual communities and contribute to the state as a whole.

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